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Neighbouring attractions

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Neighbouring tourist attractions

• Kazimierz Dolny – 14 km
• Janowiec – 15 km
• Nałęczów – 21 km
• Wojciechów – 38 km
• Czarnolas – 20 km


KAZIMIERZ DOLNY – small town located in the Vistula estuary. Its history reaches back to the beginnings of the Polish State. In the XIVth century the town was founded by king Casimir the Great; its most magnificent period falls to the XVIIth century. Today Kazimierz Dolny is a well-known tourist-and-holiday centre with numerous monuments (ruins of the castle, gothic, renaissance and baroque churches, renaissance tenement houses, villa of Maria Kuncewiczowa). The pearl of Polish renaissance. A venue beloved by artists, painters in particular.

JANOWIEC – a picturesque small town, formerly owned by the Firlej, Tarło and Lubomirski family. Its tourist attraction are the ruins of a bastion castle dating back to the XVIth century. Moreover, it is worth to visit the baroque manor-house from the 70s of the XVIIIth century, the granary and wooden barn, as well as the complex of farmers’ outhouses dating back to the XIXth century.

NAŁĘCZÓW – a unique health resort situated on the premises of the Kazimierz Landscape Park. Many important people sojourned here, among others: Henryk Sienkiewicz, Bolesław Prus and Stefan Żeromski, composers – Ignacy Paderewski and Karol Szymanowski, as well as the architect Jan Koszczyc Witkiewicz. Interesting architecture forms. A unique microclimate, favouring treatment of heart-diseases and nervous system disorders. Numerous health resort treatment centres.

WOJCIECHÓW – a small village of rich history situated among picturesque hills and gorges in the borders of the Nałęczów Plain. Its attractions are the following: the XVIth century stone tower, known as Arian tower, presently seat of Smith’s Art Museum. Venue of annual National Smiths’ Meetings.

CZARNOLAS – a village in the poviat of Zwoleń where Jan Kochanowski – one of the greatest Polish and European XVIth century poets – lived and wrote his works. Today it is the seat of a museum of his name which gathers his literature, multiple works of art, as well as scientific, critical and literary research publications.

For families with children

You should visit "The Magical Gardens" - a theme park created in Trzcianki and "Illuzion Farm" in Trojanów.

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