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Nieśwież (Belarus)

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On May 30th 2000 the Letter of Intent was signed with a Belarussian Town Niewież, defining the rules and domains of partnership cooperation. Cooperation of Puławy and Nieśwież develops in the field of culture, education, tourism and sport, local authority, health care, social care and economy. Contacts between organizations, companies, institutions and representatives of different environments and private people are continually established.
Nieśwież is a town situated in the Western part of the Belarus, by the river Usza, inhabited by around 15 thousand people. Known as the “Minute Paris” in XIIIth century it was the ducal capital. At the end of XVIth century the town became the seat of the Radziwiłł family – the most powerful family of the Lithuanian magnates. After the outburst of the II World War the town was occupied by Soviet and German troops, then it was included into the Soviet Union. After ZSSR’s dissolution Nieśwież became part of the Republic of Belarus. Representants of authorities and inhabitants of partner towns take part in mutual ceremonies and cultural and sports events. Days of Nieśwież are organized once a year in Puławy. In 2004 for the first time Days of Puławy were organized in Nieśwież. In 1999 High School No 3 from Nieśwież established cooperation with the Puławy Gymnasium No 1. This cooperation is concerned with ecology, culture, sport and tourism. Its direct result was the youth camp organized in Puławy in 2000.
In 2000 Puławy granted financial means to buy clothes for the group “nieświeżanie” from Nieśwież. In 2003 a special account was opened to gather means for the reconstruction of the burnt Radziwiłł Castle in Nieświe?. Among the donors were among others the Puławy company PROZAP which declared to run stocktaking works and building evaluation as well as work coordination during the reconstruction. Also Puławy schools and institutions organized money gathering for the reconstruction.
In 2003 the workers of the Nieśwież social services did their apprenticeship in Puławy. The same year five children with a doctor and a social worker from Nieśwież took part In a rehabilitation turn in Nałęczów. During the Festival of the Medieval Culture “Ancient Nieśwież” The Polish House “Reduta” was given a computer. Also in 2003 a delegation from Nieśwież visited the sewage treatment plant and waste management plant.

In 2004 the Days of Puławy were organized in Nieśwież during which an exhibition of photographs and drawings was shown, depicting the past and contemporary Puławy.

The mutual cooperation of Puławy and Nieśwież is characterized by cordiality and friedship. This state of affairs is among many factors a result of the activity of the people who inhabit Puławy but originally come from Nieśwież.

Kolonie polonijne 2010

Festival of Partner Towns 4th-7th of June 2011

Our delegation visited Nieśwież

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