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Public aid

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Rules for granting public aid: Investors in special economic zones may be granted public aid in the form of tax allowances. Public aid may be granted for new projects or for creating new job posts.

1. Public aid for investment projects in the Starachowice Special Economic Zone is capped at 50% of the total capital expenditure (or 70% and 60% for small and medium-sized enterprises, respectively). In order to qualify for public aid the investor must make investment outlays of at least EUR 100,000 on a new project. Public aid for a new project may be granted only if at least 25% of the project cost is financed by the entrepreneur with internally generated funds, i.e. funds which come from sources other than the aid.

2. Public aid for creating new jobs may not exceed 50% of labour costs incurred over two years in connection with taking on new employees. The costs include the cost of gross pay plus mandatory charges borne by the entrepreneur in connection with employment of new staff from the first day of their employment. Another condition for obtaining the aid is that the new jobs must be maintained for at least five years (or three years in the case of small and medium-sized businesses).

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