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Puławy Science-Technology Park

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The Puławy Science-Technology Park was cofinanced with the means of the European Regional Development Fund. The total amount of the project is approximately PLN 77 million. The scope of the project was complex preparation of two areas for the needs of the investors through foundation of the Puławy Science-Technology Park as well as preparation of road and infrastructure investments.

The addressees of the project are micro, small and medium enterprises, business-related institutions, higher education schools, science-and-research units, other entities supporting the region’s innovative development. The Puławy Science-Technology Park consists of three wings reflecting a functional division into:
»» Technological Incubator – a building designed for incubation activity of technology companies and a service activity within the scope of technology transfer;

»» Entrepreneurship Centre – a building with a training function which will run activities directed at supporting entrepreneurship. In this wing a reception, conference and training rooms will be located as well as other functions available for all the users;
»» Technological Centre – a building designed for office and production areas rental for technological companies.
The foundation of the Puławy Science-Technology Park aims at creating conditions for running a business activity – development and diffusion of innovative undertakings. It already is a place of practical cooperation of science-and-research institutions, universities and production companies.

On the other hand newly established roads with equipment and accompanying infrastructure in the district provide vast investment locations with an efficient communication system. The Puławy Science-Technology Park runs activity in the following fields:
»» incubating enterprises starting activity,
»» rental of office as well as laboratory and production space for developing companies,
»» management of investment areas designed for technological companies in the phase of expansion,
»» training,
»» research services,
»» services in the scope of technology transfer,
»» business-related services.

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