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Tourist attractions of Puławy

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Monuments of the park and palace complex

Park-and-palace complex – former residence of the Czartoryski family
Park-and-palace complex, occupying c.32 ha, constructed more than 200 years before according to the concept of Izabela Czartoryska in landscape-English style.

It is worth to visit the following:
- The Czartoryski family residence – erected in the years 1671-76, later many times rebuilt; well-restored historical interiors, among others a baroque hall, as well as rooms: stone, Gothic, knight, column and ball.

-  Gothic House – built by Ch.P. Aigner’s plans on the foundations of a baroque garden pavillion; national and European art collections storing venue.

- Sybil’s Temple – the most important historical building in the town, erected in 1798-1801 by Ch.P. Aigner modelled on Vesta’s Temple in Tivoli near Rome; according to its foundator Izabela Czartoryska’s idea designed to be a memorabilia museum – first Polish national museum.

Beloved Virgin Mary’s Assumption Church – former palace chapel built in 1803, modelled on Roman Pantheon; dedicated to Adam Kazimierz Czartoryski’s mother. 

Greek House – former palace orangery with a monumental four-column Doric portico; presently seat of the municipal library.

Marynka’s Palace – classicist bulding, erected before 1794 for the eldest daugther of the Czartoryski family – Maria Wirtemberg.

Chinese Alcove – rare example of Polish garden architecture modelled on a Chinese pagoda,


Yellow House, known as Alexandrian House,

English Stairs,

Roman Archway,

Sarcophagus, dedicated to August Czartoryski and Zofia primo voto Sieniawska.

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