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Town name

The ethymology of the name 'Puławy' is not clear. There are a few different hypotheses trying to explain the origin of the name ‘Puławy’. All these ideas link the name with words and concepts directly connected with the river. The name ‘Puławy’ is probably derived from the term ‘pławy’ meaning ‘fording the river’. Some historians find its origin in the word ‘pulwy’ – meaning ‘riverside meadows’. Ever since the town's beginnings the river Vistula has been a factor which decided of the economic development of the settlement. The name of the town according to this may come from concepts connected with the river, such as ‘pławica’ - boat or 'pływać' - sail, swim.



postcards from the collection of Wojciech Kuba

Magdalena Woźniakowska


Dodano: 2016.01.13