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The Portuguese partner town - Castelo Branco is similar to Puławy by size. It is situated in the central-east Portugal. The town realises the project Interactive Castelo Branco for a few years, thanks to which the inhabitants have access to different services by means of the Internet. In July 2002 a delegation from Castelo Branco visited Puławy.

After presentation of solutions concerning the information society as well as its realization in the form of a project "Interactive Town", Letter of Intent concerning the two towns cooperation was signed. The Letter expressed will to build friendly cooperation, pointing to the following activity domains: local economy development, education, health care, culture, tourism, sport as well as knowledge and experience exchange and searching for means of financing.

In September 2002 a delegation from Puławy representing the Puławy municipality and the local community visited Castelo Branco. The aim of the visit was to establish partnership bonds, not only in the field of official cooperation, but also in business and social-cultural domain. Potential financing sources of the project "Interactive Town" were also discussed.

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