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Ideal leisure venue

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Puławy is a captivating city with an atmosphere rich in cultural wealth, comfortable lifestyles, and with friendly urban space. It is hardly surprising that this was a place beloved by writers, poets and composers. Today, walking through the historic Czartoryski park, one has the impression that no one is in a hurry. Everyone can find a source of inspiration here - from leafy park paths to historical heritage and intellectual challenges.

The city’s picturesque location on the Malopolska Vistula River Gorge allows for active recreation and a chance to see rare species of plants and animals. Forests and woodlands account for as many as 36 % of the city area making Puławy one of the greenest cities in the Lublin region.

The intensive revitalization of the river waterfront has allowed for the development of water tourism. One can enjoy the charms of the Vistula river strolling along the boulevard connecting the two bridge crossings. Bicycle escapades on marked trails, canoeing and boat cruises on the unforgettable Vistula, Wieprz, Kurówka and Chodelka rivers or speedboat rides in Puławy Marina are just some ideas for interesting ways of spending leisure time.

The area surrounding Puławy is among the most interesting geological regions in Europe. Here, carved by water, is the largest on this continent network of loess gorges, up to 10m deep. It is ideal for hiking, cycling, cross country skiing and Nordic walking. Families with children are encouraged to sightsee the surrounding area as well. Among places worth recommending there is Wojciechów with a rich blacksmithing tradition, Karczmiska with Nadwislanska narrow-gauge train rides and Kazimierz Dolny where, among other attractions, there is a Natural History Museum. In the winter, people can enjoy numerous ski slopes around the area.

Those interested in the Puławy tourist offer and the Land of the Loess Gorges can visit the Tourist Information Centre, located at the renovated Skwer Niepodległości (Independence Square). Here, one can find out where and when interesting cultural and tourist events take place or how to comfortably move around town. You can also relax at the friendly green square by the fountain beautifully lit at night with LED lighting.

al. Królewska 4, tel. 81 458 67 40

Good place to start

Puławy is also an important centre of science, research and highly specialized technology. The most recent city project was the construction of the Puławy Science and Technology Park. This modern foundation provides opportunities to develop businesses based on new technologies. Scientific institutes located here famous at home and abroad are the research base. The economic character of the city is largely delineated by the Nitrogen Plant ‘Puławy’ SA.

Among the scientific institutes there are:

- New Chemical Syntheses Institute

- National Veterinary Institute - National Research Institute

- Centre for Diagnostics and Biological Hazards Control of the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

- Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - National Research Institute

- Apiculture Division of the Institute of Horticulture

Puławy is the gateway to the east - an important hub of the region, connecting Lublin with western Poland. With the construction of the bridge over the Vistula, opened in 2007, the city gained a ring road and a beautiful attraction - the bridge itself, which is the largest structure of this type in Europe. Due to its geographical location, in the tourist triangle of Nałęczów and Kazimierz Dolny, Pulawy has great investment potential. The city is active in trying to improve the quality of life of its nearly 50 000 inhabitants. The city’s size and the number of its residents favor the emergence of new services, which would in a competitive manner meet  the needs of not only tourists but also the city’s inhabitants.

Although in the city there are registered chemical, pharmaceutical and construction plants, 95% of companies are small (up to 9 employees). Capital expenditures in the city per capita are nearly 50% higher than the region average.

Well qualified employees, a high quality of life, comprehensive approach to the human being and professionalism combined with an open and friendly form of organization - are all resources available in Puławy which are within investors’ reach for those who decide to start a business in the city.

Sport in Puławy

Sport has always been an important area of life in Puławy, with sport infrastructure at a high level. There is a modern football-athletics stadium, tennis courts, swimming pools and other sport grounds which allow for the development of new wonderful talents such as the swimmer Konrad Czerniak. In Puławy, there is also Super League handball team ‘Azoty – Puławy’.

In the new sports complex, aside from the football-athletics stadium, there is also an aqua park and a full-size swimming pool. The offer is complemented by  the ‘Olympic’ hotel  which provides 47 beds, including rooms adapted to the needs of disabled people and persons taller than 2m.

Apart from the above mentioned sports complex, the city is also equipped with an indoor sports arena, an indoor swimming pool, numerous sport grounds, fitness clubs (including outdoor) and a skate park.  

City attractions

Undoubtedly, the Czartoryski palace-park complex  is the city’s pride and main attraction. It was established in its picturesque landscape style at the turn of the XVIII and XIX centuries by princess Izabela Czartoryska. It is a vast complex located on the Vistula River embankment which houses the first museum in Polish history. It is also a place where key historical decisions were made regarding Polish and European politics, a place which used to hum with patriotic music and poetry.

The Czartoryski Museum presents the history of the Czartoryski family due to which Puławy were called Athens of the North.

ul. Czartoryskich 8, tel. 81 475 45 00

opening hours: daily 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

The palace complex is a vast landscaped garden with an area of ​​30 hectares. It was originally founded by the Lubomirski family as a regular park which later, between the years 1731-1736, was transformed into French style. At the end of the XVIII century, princess Izabela turned it into a romantic English style park, placing in it a number of garden buildings and sculptures. Today in the park you can see numerous restored buildings such as the palace, the Sybilla Temple, the Gothic House and the Chinese House as well as great natural specimen brought to town during Czartoryski family’s time in Puławy.

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