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Nieuwegein (the Netherlands)

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Cooperation with this Dutch town has been developing since 1994. Nieuwegein is a former agricultural-trade community, presently a modern town situated in the centre of the Netherlands, 15 km from Utrecht. It was formed in 1971 after merging two smaller cities - Jutphaas and Vreeswijk. Nieuwegein occupies the area of 32 km2 and is inhabited by around 60 000 people.

In 1992 the Nieuwegein Town Council expressed will to establish longterm contacts with a similar town in Central Europe or Eastern Europe. The formal consent for the cooperation between Puławy and Nieuwegein was signed on June 30th 1994. The Letter of Intent was signed on May 24th 1996. The main goals of the cooperation of Nieuwegein and Puławy are the following: help in the range of local tourism development, especially promotion of the touristic traingle Puławy-Kazimierz Dolny-Nałęczów, plannning and executing the town's development, housing policy, supporting the local trade and industry, primary and secondary schooling, health care development. Due to this cooperation the Puławy School nr 3 established relationships with the Dutch teenagers in the range of the UE - Commenius programme.

The cooperation with the Dutch is also based on the exchange of experiences in domains such as: environment protection, culture and local government. Experience exchange concerning the ways of sustaining the municipal greenery as well as managing the municipal waste is of large importance.
Cooperation between the Lublin Voivodeship and Gelderland province is also developing. In 1997 the local authorities of 10 Vistula communes, voivodeship authorities, Board of the Lublin landscape Parks together with partners from the Netherlands began preparation works on „Vistula communes environment protection programme".
In September 2001 the Commitee Supporting Puławy Park Renovation was created, whose task is to contribute to the renovation of the Puławy park, destroyed during the hurricane in August 2001. Both twin towns organize photographic exhibitions, open-air painting sessions as well as dancing groups shows. In 2003 the representants of the Dutch delegation brought rehabilitation equipment - a gift from the inhabitants of Nieuwegein for?the Integrative-Rahabilitation Centre in Pu?awy. The equipment was during the festivity "Puławy Town for the Vistula River", organized during the Days of Puławy.

In July 2003 the Letter of Intent concerning the cooperaton with the Housing+ foundation was signed, in the range of which the project „Constant housing management in the Central and East European housing sector” is to be realized. The project was submitted to financing to the European Commission in MATRA programme.


Visit of Wim Kroon and Henk Verbeek

Visit of a delegation from Nieuwegein

Visit of a delegation from Puławy in Nieuwegein

Castings for the Polish-Dutch project of youth exchange

Polish-Dutch Project of youth exchange

Partner Towns Festival

‘Something old, something new’

Visit of an official delegation from Nieuwegein in Puławy

Festival of Partner Towns 4th-7th of June 2011

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