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Festival of Partner Towns 4th-7th of June 2011

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On 4th-7th of June 2011 the Festival of Partner Towns was organised. Participants of this event were delegations from the following partner towns of Puławy: Bojarka (Ukraine), Douai (France), Dublany (Ukraine), Nieśwież (Belarus), Nieuwegein (Holland) and Stendal (Germany). For the first time the city of Puławy was organiser of the Festival of Partner Towns as the winner of the European Diploma. The meeting, just like each year, was an opportunity to exchange experiences and to prepare plans for the future. On 5th of June there was a Partner Towns’ Football Tournament in which teams from Bojarka (Ukraine), Douai (France) and Puławy participated. The matches ended in victory of Bojarka. During breaks of football matches there were performances of POPCORN – a group of cheerleaders from Stendal. During one of the breaks the final of arts competition for pupils of kindergartens and primary schools titled “Europe for Euro 2012” was announced. It was the second edition of the competition related to celebration of the Festival of Partner Towns. In the afternoon, on the Vistula Boulevard during the Festival of Sea Song GREEN HORN there was a concert of a Dutch group YAZZOO from Nieuwegein. On Monday, on 6th of June delegations visited high schools of Puławy. Teachers and students prepared debates concerning European integration. Some of the propositions were: hare and hounds, charades, discussions, workshops. Among the discussed subjects there were: educational system in France, stereotypes about Polish and German people, sports and exceptional attitudes of sportsmen. In the afternoon delegations had an opportunity to visit the Museum of Czartoryskis where they acquainted themselves with a presentation titled ‘The Czartoryskis Family in the context of Europe’.
Certainly, contact which was established between the participants of the meetings will develop and change into a permanent cooperation. During the Festival of Partner Towns there was also a meeting of mayors of Nieuwegein and Puławy during which the directions for future cooperation were set. The guests were also offered to visit the biggest municipal investments in Puławy: The Science and Technological Park of Puławy and football stadium.
The Festival of Partner Towns received a co-financing from The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in the scope of ‘Europe for Citizens 2007-2014’ programme.



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